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The Start of the New Beginning

(The before pictures)

I spent a long time pining after this new location. I used to sit in my car in the bank parking lot across the street and imagine Practically Posh in this space. If you look close enough, I bet you’d be able to see my nose print on the window from my time daydreaming. I was so excited when I finally got the space to work with and make my own.

I really wanted to give the store a different energy from the old location. I knew right away that I wanted a beautiful black entryway and white walls to make all of the pieces really pop. We wanted the store to have a timeless feel to it. One of the best parts of the store renovation was knocking out the walls that used to be dressing rooms. This allowed us to have more space to display all my favorite pieces. In place of the dressing rooms we put in those beautiful grey bookshelves. Those bookshelves actually came from a school built in 1901. We had one extra bookshelf that didn’t fit, so it got turned into our checkout counter.

I had a lot of help turning Practically Posh into the space that it is today. Josh at Wincher Floors was a huge help in installing the floors. He could see my visions right away and made them real. So...Thank you, Josh! My good friend Becks helped me design the space. She made the pillars around the store using reclaimed lumber and wood palettes. She did an amazing job glueing each individual piece, making sure that even the knots in the wood matched together perfectly. I’d like to give them a huge shout out for all of their help. I would also like to thank all my amazing friends who helped paint, move furniture, and everything else that helped Practically Posh become real.

Once the bones of the store were set up, it was time to work on decorating. I selected furniture pieces with potential. I had so much fun painting and designing each piece. I really let each piece of furniture tell me which color it should be or what accessories it should have. Once the furniture was finished, I looked for items to go with the furniture. I wanted to find items that I loved. I really love all of the textures and patterns of the new items, and I hope you all do too.

My favorite part of the store is something that you can’t see but something that I hope you can feel. Before we put the flooring down, I wrote blessings down with permanent marker. I really wanted to surround the place with good vibes. When you first walk in the door it says, “May all who enter be blessed without measure-Love Brenda”. Other messages include: “I love you”, “All things are possible”, “Thank you”, “Here you have a friend,” and roughly 60 other messages. Next time you come in, I hope that you’ll feel those blessings under your feet.

I am so proud of the new Practically Posh, and I can’t wait to make many new memories, and meet so many new people in this space. Thank you all for letting me follow my dreams.

-Love, Brenda!

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I discovered Practically Posh Wed. Nov. 17th with a friend. What a delightful time we had walking through your exciting displays (and picking out an intriguing piece to bring home!) My daughter came in from out of town a couple days later and I could hardly wait to show her your place. I look forward to visiting again before the Christmas season is over and I anticipate more of your fun expressions throughout the year. So happy you are among us.


Brenda, so many people know and love you. And there will be many more coming into your life who will feel the same way. Practically Posh is a beautiful reflection of who you are. Best wishes for a wonderful future!

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